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Games - is home to over 1,500 free games.

Newgrounds - Everything by everyone (at least that is what they say!).

Pogo - Play over 100 free online games.

Kongregate - Free online games.

Lemmings - 'Nuff said!

MiniClip - Lots and lots of cool free online games.

Mass Attack - A balance game that is very addicting.

Line Rider - Make a line course for this little sledder and waste hours of time having fun.

Game Design - Several really cool flash games. Give Cat Noir a try.

Nunzio's - This site has a few good online games to play.




Read Print - Free online books library for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast.

YouTube - Just about anything that has been put on video will be on this site. Big time waster, just like TV.

The Onion - The Onion makes their own news stories up. Some really funny stuff here.

Netflix - If you don't want to pay those high bills for all of the movie channels on cable, try Netflix.


Fourtean Times - The world of strange phenomena. This site is cool!!

Strangemag - Exploring strange phenomena.

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization - Bigfoot seems to still be alive and well...

Bigfoot Encounters - More for your Bigfoot fix.

MUFON - The Mutual UFO Network.

UFO Digest - More UFO goodies.


Darwin Awards - A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises. Honoring those who improve the species...by accidentally removing themselves from it!

Nobody Here - Sort of hard to describe what you are going to see here but let's just say this is an interesting site. Check out the nose hair and hermit crab to give you an idea of what's on this site.

20 Questions - See if the artificial intelligence can see what you are thinking of within 20 questions. Scarily accurate.

Cool Quiz - All types of trivia from general to science to medical. Interesting site that you may in fact learn from.

Liquid Generation - This site has some cool flash stuff including animation, games, quizzes and other fun stuff.

Wordsmith Anagrams - Put in any word and this page will generate all the anagrams for the word you typed.

Hunch - Decision making for the feeble minded.

The Page - Create a custom Google search page with your own text as the logo.

False JP - Visualizations that react to your mouse.

Error Message - Make your own error message (as if Windows doesn't have enough already!).

Blu - Street art in motion.

80 Gigapixel London - 80 gigapixel panorama of London.

Wayback Machine - Internet archive. See what websites looked like years ago...

Rules for my Unborn Son - Let's get some things straight before I become old and uncool.

Perry Bible Fellowship - Web comics.

Zombo - You can do ANYTHING at Zombo com!

Phishing IQ Test - Take this test to see how easily you could be scammed on the internet.

Star Date - Interesting Astronomy site once you start clicking on the links.

San Weng - This guy does some amazing things in Photoshop. Worth a look.

We Choose The Moon - If you are a space freak like me, this is the site to see!

Hubble Site - View Hubble telescope pictures. Awesome!

Live Science - If you like science, you will like this site.

Star Trek - For the Trekkie in you.







Fantasy Fine Art - Here you can find some great work by some of the best fantasy artists. My all-time favorite is Frank Frazetta.

Hot Cars - Nice site for auto enthusiasts. Be sure to check out the American car brochures of yesteryear.

NDS Themes - Themes for use with the Nintendo DS and your favorite media adapter (R4DS, M3, TTDS, etc...)