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Amazon - Wouldn't you know it, first on the list. Amazon sells EVERYTHING!

Buy.com - Another everything site concentrated in electronics.

Deep Discount - Some of the best prices on CD's and DVD's. They are even selling books now.

Cell Phone Shop - THE place for cell phone accessories and batteries.

Nitro Planes - Remote control planes of any shape and size.

Tower Hobbies - Tower Hobbies has been around for quite some time. Remote control everything!

Spun - Good site to purchase used CD's & DVD's. You can even sell your old ones here.

Wherehouse - Another good site to purchase used CD's & DVD's. You can even sell your old ones here.

Crutchfield - They sell all audio/video equipment. Specializing in car audio. Buy your car stereo here and SAVE!

Deal Woot - Your source for things Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS related.

Deal Extreme - Very inexpensive items sent directly from China so you will have to wait a while for them to arrive.

Xcel Watches - Great deals on watches with a good selection to boot.

Ramsey Electronics - Neat site for electronic kits.

Battery Bob - Best prices for specialty batteries I have found!



Newegg - This is THE best site for computer hardware. Shipping is priced per item, so if all you need is an adapter or something you may get a better deal somewhere else. But for everything else computer related, this is it!

Computer Geek's - Great prices on new and refurbished computer gear. Sort of like a Big Lots for computer gear.

Super Media Store - This is a good place to find CD/DVD blank media and storage plus ink, toner & flash drives.

Cyberguys - One of the best sources for computer connectors, cables and just about anything else computer.

Firefold - Cyberguys has the best selection, but you can't beat the prices on cables/connectors here.

Buy Cheap Software - This site has the best selection and prices on software by far.

Software Outlet - It is always best to have choices and this site has some better deals than some but not all.

Purplus Software - Better prices than brick and mortar, but not the best on the net.

Great Deals Software - Quite a varied selection of titles that are out of the mainstream.

Magic Jack - Make all the calls you want for $20/year using a regular phone and your PC's internet connection.


eBay - eBay started out as such a good thing. Now that big business has a hold it is drowning. Hopefully some new upstart will slay this dragon one day. Until then this is the best known auction site around.

Epier - One of those upstarts that might slay the dragon. Good auction site. Listings are free! Only pay when you sell.

Ubid - Your connection to excess inventory from the worlds most trusted brands.

WeBidz - Another eBay alternative.

Online Auction - Ditto...

Craigslist - Craigslist is suffering from a lot of bad press lately. Just be careful in what you do and you will be ok.


The following links are for deals that change (mostly) on a daily basis. The Paw Rating scale at the bottom is based on my actual experiences with the company and is purely my opinion. You may have a different experience altogether. I have only purchased for the companies that actually have been given a rating.