The Daily Beast - Read this, skip that.

CNN - All the news both fit and unfit to print. Don't spend too much time here, it's depressing!

Fox News - Ditto...

The Guardian - New from the UK and around the world.

BBC News - It never hurts to get a viewpoint from somewhere else on what is happening around the world.

ABC News - That's right, yet another news site.

Weather: - What can I say, get your weather forecast here.

NOAA Weather - Ditto

Weather Underground - Lots of interesting tidbits here.

Directory Assistance:

Pay Phone Directory - With the advent of cell phones, pay phones are hard to find...find them here.

AnyWho - AT&T phone number assistance.

Yellow Pages - Directory assistance from Yellow Pages.

Yellow Book - Even more yellow pages.

Dex Knows - Local search engine. - More directory assistance...

Reverse Phone Lookup - Find the listing using the phone number.


Powerball - All the info about the Powerball lottery you need to know. See if you've won.

NC Education Lottery - The NC lottery is special in that it has the LOWEST PAYOUT of any state!!

IMDB - The biggest and best site for looking up actor info has to be Internet Movie Database.

TV Guide - Yep, see what is on TV right now!

Movie Fone - Find out what movies are playing in your area.

Snopes - This site will give you (mostly) the truth about those amazing emails you have been getting. Trust me people the old saying that there are no free rides is true. Check those amazing stories before forwarding.

Urban Legends Online - Explore those urban legends you have heard about.

Scambusters - Check out these popular emails to discover whether they are true -- or just urban legends or hoaxes...


Official US Time - See what time it is, Duh!

NACO County Search - This has proved an invaluable tool at work for finding what county a city is in. Click here to find the county by zip code or city without having to use their map (saves time).

Mailbox Locator - Locate a USPS drop-off box in your area.

Babel Fish Translator - Translate a plethora of languages to other languages.

DOT - Find your state Department of Transportation website here.

Pipl - Do a down and dirty search on someone to obtain everything the internet has on them.

Recipe Puppy - Type in the ingredients you have and Recipe Puppy will find a recipe with those ingredients.


Charity Navigator - See how that charity you are thinking about giving to fares in how they spend their money.

Phishing IQ Test - Take this test to see how easily you could be scammed on the internet.